About Sushi Japan

1 pair of premium catering per day.
You can taste by premiere sushi craftsmen in your room.
Please enjoy a special experience you can not taste elsewhere.

How to Book

Please apply from the reservation form at the top of the TOP page.

Amount 1 person 18,000 yen + 20% (service tax)

Minimum reception fee : without tax 90,000 yen(In case of 1〜4 person, 90,000 yen + 20%)
Available time:17:00〜21:00


臨時値上げ後 1名   21,600円+ 20%(消費税・サービス料)
合計 25,920円

最小受付金額 108,000円より(1〜4名の場合でも108,000円+20%)



Kazuya Iida

Born in Naganuma, Hokkaido in 1980.
Moved to Shakotan, Hokkaido during high school, where grandparents ran a Japanese-style hotel (ryokan).

Studied cooking at Hokkaido Chuochorigijutsu Training School after graduating from high school. After Training School, studied different kind of cuisines at traditional/ long-standing sushi restaurants and creative Japanese cuisine restaurants.